3 Things You Can Do to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can make you sick or kill you. The good news is that carbon monoxide can be easily prevented. Here are three things you can do to insure your family’s safety.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Furnaces, water heaters, charcoal burners and oil burners all make carbon monoxide when they are not working properly. Make sure you get all of these appliances inspected once a year to be sure that they will not generate lethal amounts of carbon monoxide.

Get a Detector

If your home has an attached garage or a working fireplace, it is more prone to getting buildups of carbon monoxide than conventional homes. Make sure you install CO2 detectors in the home, basement and garage to stay protected. Never run a car for long periods of time in closed garages, even if a window or door has been left open.

Vent Chimneys

Before using a fireplace, make sure all the chimney vents are open.

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