5 Ways to Keep Your Car Running Longer

New cars are expensive. Therefore, as a car owner, you likely want to keep yours running and operating properly for as long as possible. Read below for five ways to do just that:

Follow the recommended service schedule:
The vehicle maintenance schedule, which is located in every owner’s manual,  is there for a reason. It reveals what services should be performed at what mileage. Following the owner’s manual suggestions for service is one way to increase the life of your car.

Let your car warm up:
Cranking your car and then immediately taking off can be detrimental to your car. This is because a cold engine, which is an engine that has been setting for longer than five hours, will not have much oil left in its moving parts. Waiting for 30 seconds after starting your car to move will ensure the engine is well lubricated. 

Check fluids regularly:
At least once a month, check on your car’s fluids and the tire pressure. The most important fluids to check are the oil, radiator overflow reservoir, brake cylinder reservoir, power steering fluid and transmission fluid. Check the tire pressure on a weekly basis. 

Drive calmly: 
Sudden stops and full-throttle acceleration is not good for a car. Therefore, it is best to avoid them when possible. Dive your car in a calm manner to help increase its life.

Listen to your car:
Every now and then, turn off your radio and listen for noises. Clicking noises or squealing sounds can indicate various problems. These issues should be taken care of as soon as possible, so it’s imperative that you realize they are present.

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