6 Of the Worst Myths About Life Insurance

When most people think of life insurance they believe these policies have fewer options than death. This misconception caused 6 of the most common and inaccurate myths to develop and affect how many now view life policies.

Myth#1: Life insurance is more investment than protection.

One of the biggest myths is that buying life insurance is a sound investment. This is untrue and affordable quality life insurance is not easy to find.

Myth#2: Overall health does not matter.

A common myth is that no-fuss insurance is available for those with poor health and no medical exam necessary but staying healthy is the only way to get lower rates.

Myth#3: Medical exams do not affect rates.

Deceptive agents do not show how important your current health is to underwriting a policy for you.

Myth#4: All agents can save you money.

Not every life insurance agency networks with major providers to get the best rates available.

Myth#5: Rates are non-negotiable.

Insurance rates are definitely negotiable and reputable agents have the most competitive prices.

Myth#6: Life insurance is only necessary in near death situations.

The worst myth of all is you can add life insurance once you are close to death. Unfortunately, you cannot predict accidents so not adding a policy now is a major risk.

Drown out the myths and protect your life properly. For life insurance policies that work within your budget and coverage standards, contact Warrior Insurance and Services Group for a quote in Texas and Colorado now.

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