Avoid Heartache: Insure Your Valentine’s Day Gift

Did your special someone gift you with some precious jewelry, or even a ring, on Valentine’s Day? A gift like that can seem like a dream come true, but you also have to consider some practical matters. If you received valuables like jewelry or antiques, your homeowners policy many not fully cover it in the event of loss, theft or damage. Some policies exclude extremely valuable items, while others have maximum limits that may be lower than the gift’s true worth.  

These steps can help protect your new property, so you can enjoy the gift without worry:

1) Contact your insurance agent as soon as you can and describe the item fully.
2) If your agent suggests having the gift appraised, take it to a jeweler, antiques dealer or other expert, depending on the item.
3) Follow your agent’s advice on how to inform your insurance company of the gift and its value.
4) Add extra coverage to your existing policy to fully insure the item, or purchase new insure that specifically covers the full value of the gift.
5) Follow your insurance agent and company advice on how to protect your gift. This might include buying a vault or other security measures.

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