Business Disaster Planning: 3 Essential Tips

If you own a business, whether small or large, the possibility of a disaster taking your business out of action is one that can spell disaster in more ways than one. Regardless of the cause, whether it be a fire, flood, earthquake or tornado/hurricane, not being prepared for a natural disaster can financially destroy a business as well. However, by taking proactive measures to prepare for possible disaster situations, while a disaster can strike your business, you can recover and keep going.

3 Disaster Preparedness Tips

1. One key to recovering a business is being able to recover your records. By backing up computer systems and having those backups located offsite, preferably in another part of the country, all computer based records are safe. This is easy to accomplish with internet backup services.

2. As with individuals, businesses need to have emergency funds in the bank. While this can be difficult for a small business, if at all possible, keep 60-90 days of operating capital in an emergency account so you can maintain your employee base as well as allowing you to maintain your business footing.

3. Check with your commercial insurance provider to ensure you have the insurance coverage you need. Basic commercial policies may not provide coverage for natural disasters such as floods, tornados or forest fires. However, rider policies are available that can provide the additional protection you need.

While you hope nothing ever happens, a natural disaster can destroy your financial future as well as your business. Taking measures to back up your records and having money set aside for a disaster, working with a great insurance company such as Warrior Insurance and Services Group LLC in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area can provide the financial security you need to fully recover. Contact them today and get a quote on a commercial policy that will keep your business in business, even if disaster strikes. 

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