Common Questions About The Marketplace Answered

The new healthcare reform changes under the Affordable Care Act are creating a number of common questions, from plan choice to rules to compliance issues, for individuals as well as small businesses. These include:

Where is my local marketplace?

For every state, the new health exchange is either at the federal website or at a state health exchange website if established at the state level.

How do I get an exemption from penalties if I don’t have health coverage by January 1, 2014?

Those who are moving between states can be exempted. Further, those covered by an employer’s qualified plan are exempted as well.

What happens if a person doesn’t have coverage by 2014?

An individual will realize a tax penalty on his 2014 tax return and will be liable for the full cost of his own coverage in the meantime.

What does Marketplace coverage provide?

It gives an individual essential health benefits including prenatal and maternity care, hospital care, and pharmaceutical support.

Warrior Insurance is available to help guide clients through the big changes that make up healthcare reform both now and in 2014 as further changes kick in. Our staff has been trained on all the aspects of the coverage under the ACA and how it affects individuals as well as companies. Don’t stumble in the dark; give us a call.


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