Drive Safe This Winter Season with the Proper Snow Tires

The winter season creates the perfect mix for dangerous driving conditions – cold temperatures and a potential ice/snow mix. Stay safe this winter season by investing in a good pair of winter tires for your car or truck.

Winter tires, sometimes called snow tires, are designed in such a way that they can create a better grip on the surface of the road, especially during colder temperatures and when ice or snow is present. This better grip on the surface of the road allows for safer driving conditions.

If you are thinking of placing winter tires on your vehicle this season, it might not be as easy as it sounds. There are hundreds of different tires available for you to purchase, which can make finding the right winter tires difficult.

The following are some examples of which winter tires are the best:

  • All-Weather Tires – these are ideal for individuals who will be driving in locations where colder temperatures are the norm, but very little snow/ice occur
  • Snow Tires – these are ideal for people who live in locations where temperatures during the winter season typically go below freezing or a lot of snow falls
  • Studded Tires – these are ideal for people who live in locations where the temperatures go below freezing or it snows a lot, but they may not be allowed in all states. Check state laws to guarantee they are accepted.

Nothing is guaranteed when driving during the winter months, especially in Colorado and Texas. Contact the Warrior Insurance and Services Group to discuss insurance policies and options that will make sure you are protected this winter season.

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