Filing an Insurance Claim for Best Results

When you need to get money from your insurance company to pay for damages or repairs, it is important to file a claim properly to get the ball rolling efficiently. From state to state, insurance company requirements for processing a claim differ. Generally, the process is easy. Contact your agent, and an adjuster will assess the damage and submit a report. Once this is done, the company will send you a check.

To get the best results, know your policy and what it covers. Then if you need to file a claim, send it in as soon as you can after the event occurs. Some companies have a deadline. Keep a copy of any reports including police reports, estimates, anything at all related to the claim. If you need to file a police report, get the name, address, phone number and name of the other party’s insurance company before you leave the scene.

For more information about how to file an insurance claim in Colorado and Texas, contact Warrior Insurance and Services Group.


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