Flick the Switch on Electrical Hazards: Reduce the Risk of Fire in Your Home

Every year, electrical problems cause an estimated 50,000 home fires, leading to more than 500 deaths and more than a billion dollars in damage. Follow these tips to increase the electrical safety of your home and family:

1) If you see, or even suspect, that your home’s electrical outlets or internal wiring is old or worn, have a qualified electrician inspect and repair it.

2) Consider Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI). These devices protect wiring against electrical flares, or arcs, that regular circuit breakers cannot detect. An electrician can tell you if your home could benefit from AFCI installation.

3) Check electrical cords and extension cords for signs of wear and damage on a regular basis. Avoid using cords with exposed wiring.

4) Many lamps and light fixtures come with a recommended light bulb wattage. Check the owner’s manual if available and use bulbs with the recommended, or lower, wattage.

5) If you notice flickering lights in your home but not in your neighbors, hear sounds from your outlets, or have circuit breakers that trip frequently, contact an electrician.

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