Getting your Boat Summer Ready

Summer boating season is on its way! Here are some tips for getting your boat ready this summer:

  • Give it a good outside cleaning

Wash and detail your boat using the right products. Be sure not to use any non-marine cleaners that could potentially damage the boat’s materials. Also be sure to pump out any water out of the bilge that could have built up during winter. 

  • Give it a good inside cleaning

In addition to making your boat look its best, make sure that you can get it running at its best as well. It is recommended you get the oil changed and given an outdrive service once a year. Make sure your battery is charged and your boat is plugged back up (if you removed the plug). 

  • Safety check

Check that the horns, lights, and safety equipment are working. Check the trailer as well and make sure that its lights work and its functioning safely.

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