Have The Insurance You Need For A Great Summer

Summer has finally arrived. It’s time to enjoy a nice vacation with family and friends. Whether you are going boating on the lake, renting a vehicle for a cross-country road trip or just relaxing by your backyard pool, you need to make sure you have the right insurance.

Most people forget about insurance until they are involved in an accident. By that time it is too late, as you will end up paying out-of-pocket expenses for medical bills, property damage and other costs for yourself and for other people involved in the accident. Before you start your summer fun, get all the insurance you need based on your outdoor activities.

Rental Insurance: If you are renting a car for a trip, or renting your vacation home out for the summer, you need to have the right insurance. Sometimes renting a car will be covered by your auto insurance, as the same goes for renting out your home to tenants might be covered by your homeowners insurance. Check out your policies to see if you are protected.

Boat Insurance: Collisions with other boats and jet skiers can happen when out on the lake. While the insurance you have may cover small boats, larger boats will need to have a separate insurance policy.

Motorcycle Insurance: The great summer weather will bring out more motorcyclists on the road. Get a rider to your auto insurance policy to cover your motorcycle or purchase a separate policy. Insurance for motorcycles is required in all states.

Pool Insurance: Nobody thinks about pool insurance because they automatically assume the pool is included in with their homeowners insurance. So it comes as a surprise when they learn that the pool has been excluded in coverage. Always check your policy and boost your liability coverage so you have the coverage in case a pool accident occurs.

Summer vacation should be filled with fun without the worries of how you will pay for accidents. Warrior Insurance and Services Group LLC offers comprehensive plans to keep you protected so you can enjoy your entire summer. For more information about insurance, please contact Warrior Insurance and Services Group LLC at 719-425-2121.

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