How to Get the Best Firewood

Achieving toasty comfort plus value from firewood takes planning. Using the right wood can boost the productivity of your stove or fireplace during the coldest months.

When looking at local woods, consider that oak, maple and hickory burn longer and hotter than others and are ideal in winter.  During fall and spring, better choices are pine, spruce and poplar, which burn faster and make it easier to control the heat they produce in your home.

Sellers typically offer a “cord” of wood, a confusing term. A full cord is a stack 8 feet long, 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide.  However, sellers seldom offer pieces that size because they’re too wide to burn.  Various names refer to smaller pieces.  Your best bet is to buy a full cord if possible.

Taking proper care of wood includes crisscrossing the pieces and stacking them off the ground.  Let them dry for at least 6 months.  Remember to store a supply in a covered area near a convenient door.

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