How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

For many motorcyclists, putting their bike up for the season is just something they are not willing to do. Any day the weather permits is an excellent day for a cruise. For others, however, putting their bike in storage until warmer weather reappears is a sensible solution.

Winterizing your bike means draining the fluids, a good wash and polish as well as taking appropriate measures to keep it well covered and out of the elements. Another key element in winterizing your bike is to make sure it has adequate insurance coverage while its in storage. This type of insurance will protect you against theft as well as any damage that may occur due to power outages or accidents.

Colorado and Texas residents can contact Warrior Insurance and Services Group agents if they have any questions about storage insurance for their motorcycle or any other type of seasonal vehicle. Their knowledgeable agents can provide you with a complete checklist to help ensure your bike is ready for winter and protected from unexpected accidents.

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