Liability Umbrellas are Protection for that Rainy Day

When you carry homeowners and auto insurance, one of the coverage options afforded to you is liability insurance. This is designed to offer protection for you in the event that someone is injured or suffers a loss on your property or in an auto accident you are found at fault for. If someone suffers a loss beyond the limits of your homeowners insurance coverage, you may find yourself facing a costly court battle. Liability umbrella policies are a great investment to protect against this.

Liability umbrellas extend coverage for injuries that other people suffer from accidents, falls and even dog bites. It covers their medical costs, lost work time and other associated costs. You can also get coverage for property damage, which is beneficial if someone suffers a loss such as vehicle or fence damage, and even damages caused by your kids.

Rental properties are high-risk as well. As a landlord, you can get coverage for injuries, tenant negligence and other hazards that can occur with a rental. Liability umbrella insurance is a valuable investment if you are ever sued for libel, false arrest, slander and even mental anguish.

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