Making Your Home Secure During Away Time

As much as we love our homes, most of us spend more time away from home than in it. Between work, outside obligations, vacations and other reasons, our home is actually unoccupied more often than not. That means there are more opportunities for things to happen, such as a break-in, electrical fire or broken water pipe that you won’t be aware of until well after it happens. However, with a little time, effort and money, you can do a lot to secure your home while you’re not there.

5 Tips For Better Security

1. Insulate water pipes or have a pipe heating system in place to prevent bursting from freezing in winter months.

2. Replace standard rubber hoses on the washing machine with braided stainless hoses.

3. Have a friend, neighbor or family member come by and pick up newspapers thrown in your yard, your mail and to check on your home while you’re on vacation, even if it’s only a weekender.

4. Have a timer for lights and electronics such as televisions and stereos to automatically turn them on and off. This gives the appearance that someone is home while you’re away.

5. Don’t overload electrical outlets or circuits. Also check the cords on anything that’s plugged in to make sure they’re not damaged. If there is damage, either have the cord replaced or don’t use the item.

Regardless of what we do, things happen. The only way we can truly rest assured that we are financially protected in the case of a break-in, fire or water damage. However, with insurance from a great company like Warrior Insurance and Services Group LLC in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area ensures you have the protection your home needs. Contact them today and get a quote for a homeowners policy that’ll give you true assurance that your assets are safe while you’re away.

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