Own a Business? Here’s What Slander & Libel in The Workplace Will Do to You

If you are a business owner here are some important things that you need to know in order to protect yourself against a law suit.

Slander, libel and harassment can have a very damaging effect on a person or a business. These negative effects may include financial loss, the loss of a client and more.

Slander is anything harmful or negative that is said against someone or something that defames their character. Not only does slander include what is spoken verbally that is harmful, but slander can also be expressed through a bodily gesture.

Libel is also anything that is harmful or injurious to a person or a company, but libel is carried out in the written aspect or through photographs.

Sexual harassment is an especially big concern and focused on more in depth in the workplace due to the wide range that it covers. Sexual harassment does not just pertain to a sexual act itself, but can include much more. Sexual harassment can include an unwelcome explicit e-mail, an explicit picture, a sexual remark and more. Sexual harassment may even include a persistent request from a co-worker to go on a date or whistling at them as they walk past.

Slander, libel and harassment, especially sexual harassment can cause a business owner the risk of a lawsuit and the loss of their livelihood. For this and many reasons business insurance is essential to anyone who has a business.

Call Warrior Insurance today for your free quote on how best to protect yourself and your business against getting sued for slander, libel, sexual harassment and more. Be smart, be insured.

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