What Type of Insurance is Needed for Restaurant Owners?

After finding the perfect location for your restaurant and making sure every menu item tastes just right, it is important to make sure you have the right insurance policies to protect your investment. Make sure to invest in these top 9 restaurant insurance needs before opening your doors.

  1. Property insurance – this will protect your restaurant from many different unfortunate events. Typically, it will not cover any natural disasters.
  2. General liability – this will protect your restaurant in case somebody gets injured on the property, or if someone gets sick from eating your food.
  3. Liquor liability – if you are planning on selling alcohol at your restaurant, liquor liability will protect your restaurant if somebody gets into an accident after drinking.
  4. Automobile liability – if you have a vehicle that is used for deliveries, automobile liability will cover any accidents that are associated with the vehicle.
  5. Workers compensation – this will provide payments in case an employee is injured and can no longer work.
  6. Unemployment insurance – this will cover payments for employees who no longer work at your restaurant.
  7. Life insurance – this will provide a financial cushion for your loved ones to continue paying the mortgage of the restaurant in the unfortunate case of your passing.
  8. Food contamination insurance – this will replace lost goods in the event of a problem, such as loss of power, which would result in spoiled food.
  9. Specific peril insurance – this will protect from any other issues, such as an earthquake, that is not covered by other policies.

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