Protect Your Personal Information During Tax Time

You have less than two months left to file taxes. Its crunch time for many people as they scramble to get all their tax documents and receipts ready for their tax preparer or to file taxes themselves. Yet with all the hustle and bustle, people can forget to protect their personal information from identity thieves.

Identity thieves love tax season. They can get all the personal information they need from a victim from mailed tax documents and other forms. They use this information to obtain loans, credit cards or even file taxes as they obtain the tax refund. You may not even find out about your information being stolen until your tax return is rejected because someone else already filed a return in your name.

Protect your personal information by using the following tips:

Place all tax documents in a safe location. Don’t leave them out on a counter or desk if people are visiting your home. Put them in a locked drawer or in a safe.

Contact your employer about missing tax documents. Employers had until January 30th to mail out all W2s and other tax documents. If you haven’t received anything by now, let your employer know so they can get the papers sent to you and to the IRS. If they stall, contact the IRS directly about the problem as the IRS will get in touch with the employer.

If you experience any problems filing your taxes, it may be a red flag that someone has stolen your information. Let the IRS know, in writing, of the issues as they can help you with this problem.

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