Spend Less When Storing Your Motorhome

As a responsible motorhome owner, you wouldn’t go driving around without proper insurance for your vehicle. However, you may not need all that protection when the RV or coach is parked and stored for the winter. Consider how you handle your motorhome in storage and you could cut your costs significantly.

Different Risks

Most insurance companies plan to protect you from accidents when you’re driving the RV. In a storage unit or garage, the risk for collisions disappears while the risk for pest damage rises. For best results, talk to your insurance agent about switching to a storage insurance plan for the off the road months. These plans tend to cost less and focus on issues more likely to affect a sitting vehicle.

Don’t Drop It

Some owners decide to simply cancel their RV insurance in the off season. While this saves even more money, it also leaves the vehicle without protection in case of theft or damage. It also raises the rate you receive when renewing your policy in the spring again.

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