Spring Is Here… Are Your Big Toys Ready??

Let’s face it–when you’re the outdoorsy type, the minute the sun peeps out again from behind the clouds, you’re ready to hop on your “big toys” (such as your boat or jet skis, recreational vehicle or all-terrain vehicle). But before you do, here are a few maintenance tips you should know to ready you for the warm air ahead.

Boat Maintenance

Of course, you should always flush your engine after each use to prevent saltwater buildup. But every two to three months, you should also give your boat a good waxing to protect its finish and to minimize damage from ultraviolet rays. Collinite’s Fleet Wax and Starbrite’s Boat Polish are both considered tops among boat waxing products. Spring is also a great time to perform semi-annual maintenance such as replacing the spark plugs, changing the oil, cleaning the fuel filter and conducting a thorough inspection.

ATV & RV Maintenance

Before heading out in your ATV or RV, you’ll undoubtedly check both fluid levels and tire pressure. However, ATV owners often overlook valve adjustment which often leads to difficulty starting the ATV after a cold winter. For RVs, be sure to replace air, fuel and hydraulic filters and to have the brakes serviced.

Regardless of which “big toys” you’ll use this spring, they all should be properly insured. At Warrior Insurance and Services Group, protecting your family, home, autos, businesses and “toys” is our top priority. For a free, no-obligation quote, contact Warrior Insurance today!

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