When To Get Life Insurance

Nobody likes to see an extra bill on the table, but life insurance is one that is worth the investment. Life insurance is one of those topics we all try to avoid until its completely necessary, but guess what? It is always completely necessary! Life has a tendency of throwing us with curveballs and it is important that you have the peace of mind knowing you are protected.


The most crucial part of your life to start investing in life insurance. Your list of responsibilities and people who depend on you is beginning to grow. During this time, you’re probably cutting back wherever you can. A term life insurance policy will offer you the protection you need at a relatively low cost in comparison to a permanent life insurance policy. At this age, your premium should be remotely low because death is a very unlikely possibility.


While the need for life insurance is not as dire at this age, it is still very important. Life insurance at this age is important for those who might purchase a second home, have a child or are beginning a career later in life.

55 + 

If you do not already have life insurance at this phase of life, you may want to consider putting your money toward long-term care instead. Many insurance companies however, have a life insurance policies that turn into a long-term care policy over time.

For questions regarding your life insurance policy or if you need advice on whether or not a life insurance policy is right for you, contact the insurance experts at Warrior Insurance and Services Group today. We’ll get you on the right track!

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