Updating insurance before and after marriage

He finally popped the question and the two of you are official engaged. Congratulations! There is going to be plenty of things to do and remember leading up to the big day, including making sure you have all of the necessary insurance coverage. When it comes to marriage and insurance, couples need to have coverage for the big day and update all necessary insurance policies.

In preparation of the big day it is important to have enough coverage for any unforeseen accidents. Check with the venue, or if getting married at home, your homeowners insurance for adequate liability coverage.

After the wedding it is important to update and combine all insurance policies. Add your new spouse to your auto insurance policy. Some couples see a reduced rate when they change their policy to include their spouse and add a second vehicle.

Other insurance updates should include:

  • Homeowners/renters: Update valuables coverage on these policies to include your spouse’s possessions
  • Umbrella insurance: Add an extra layer of protection to all of your insurance policies
  • Life insurance: Add your spouse as a beneficiary and/or purchase his or her own life insurance policy

Updating all of your insurance policies after marriage will not only ensure everything and everyone is covered, it may also help you save money by combining policies.

For more information about your insurance needs and what to expect after marriage contact the Warrior Insurance and Services Group in Monument, Colorado.

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