What is General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance is extremely important for any business to have. A general liability insurance policy provides medical and liability coverage, employee practices liability coverage and products and completed operations coverage. If your company experiences a claim against it due to damages sustained by a customer or employee, your general liability policy will be able to cover those damages and the associated legal fees.

General liability policies can also cover your business in the event that products that you sell cause damage to a consumer. This can sometimes happen through no fault of your own, such as defects introduced at a manufacturing plant. Medical payments can be made to those injured by your company, and premises liability coverage will cover anyone who is injured at your company property. As with other types of insurance policy, the amount of coverage a company purchases depends on their risk.

It’s very important for all businesses to maintain a general liability insurance policy. Without one, your company could lose significant amounts of money due to a single lawsuit. Lawsuits cannot be easily predicted, and they can never be prevented completely. You can contact Warrior Insurance today to learn more about general liability insurance or to get a quote!

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