Why General Contractors Need Insurance

General liability insurance is absolutely essential for general contractors. If you’re a general contractor, you know there are times when a job simply goes wrong or when an accident occurs. A general liability policy will protect you in the event that a contract cannot be met or an accident occurs that causes physical or medical damage.

If you have employees working under you, general liability insurance becomes even more necessary. General liability insurance will protect you in the event that one of your employees causes damages to a property. Otherwise, you may be liable as the business owner.

Not only is liability insurance a good idea for a general contractor to have, it’s also required by many states by law. Many states will not issue a license to a general contractor that cannot show they have the appropriate insurance policies to protect themselves and their clients.

Often, a general contractor cannot even visit the site of the project until they have acquired the proper insurance. For this reason, insurance should always be procured as soon as possible.

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