Why Your Salary Could Soon Be Public Knowledge

Do you ever wonder what the gal down the hall from you at work makes? How about your manager? With new social media sites dedicated to the workplace arising, those salaries could soon be public knowledge.

There are a lot of people who believe that transparency in salaries can lead to a more equitable workplace. Many people also believe that it’s important to have an idea what other professionals in your field make so that you can make sure you are getting what you are worth.

On the other side of the argument are managers who believe that salary figures should be kept private. Knowing that a coworker makes significantly more than you do can cause jealousy that can impede workplace harmony. Additionally, it is impossible for any one person to know exactly what another employee’s contributions are to the company.

Either way, the decision could be out of the hands of those in charge as social media makes more and more information about people’s jobs and personal lives openly available.

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