Workers Compensation 101

Did Warrior Insurance just hear you say you have been injured at work and your company does not want to pay for your medical bills? Even worse, the accident was due to their negligence, not your own. Oh, my. Sounds like you should make yourself aware of workers compensation— that is, a type of insurance that pays the medical bills of workers injured doing a job. Most people know it exists, but not everyone takes time to learn the basics. It all varies from state to state as to the specific legalities of it, but in most cases, it is illegal for employers not to carry workers compensation insurance. And there are penalties for not providing at least basic coverage to employees. Of course, it is also good to know that the requirements vary according to the type of employment and type of employer. However, in the United States, anyone injured on the job can usually expect to have some sort of compensation provided, whether it be weekly salary during recovery or medical bills paid. Before you are injured on the job, check with you employer to find out what kind of coverage you will be provided with in the event of an injury. And if you are a buiness seeking to avoid finding yourself in a situation where you are getting fined for non-compliance or sued by an injured employee, come visit Warrior Insurance today.

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