Are your Teens Delivering Pizzas this Summer? Check Their Auto Coverage.

When young adults in your family start looking for a part-time job for the summer months, pizza delivery might be the answer they find. Delivering pizzas may not seem risky, but the increased amount of driving time will result in an increased risk of accidents.

Read the Current Plan

Before you allow your teen to start delivering pizzas as a job, read through his or her auto insurance policy to determine if they have appropriate protection. Pizza delivery is not a job that provides healthcare coverage, so you may want to add to the current plan to pay for medical expenses if your teen is involved in an accident.

Make Appropriate Changes

If your teen only has liability coverage, then it is usually best to get a better protection plan when he or she is delivering pizzas. Comprehensive protection is ideal because an accident may damage the car or cause injuries to the driver that are expensive.

Keeping your teen safe while he or she is working requires appropriate auto protection. Even though you cannot go with them on their job, you can ensure their vehicle is properly covered in case an accident occurs. To learn more about protecting your teen in Monument, contact Warrior Insurance.

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