Commercial Auto Insurance: Are you covered?

Unlike your motivation, to protect your family, to carry personal auto insurance, commercial auto insurance requires a bit more thought and planning. Some business uses of vehicles are not covered by personal auto insurance. If you use your vehicle for business, you need a commercial auto insurance policy.

Further, if your vehicle is registered as a commercial auto, with appropriate tags to match, you should have commercial auto coverage, even if you use the vehicle for personal reasons, too. Should you own a company, you get business insurance instead of homeowners coverage, as the risks and coverages are different. Business insurance offers the coverage organizations need and is targeted to commercial risks.

Often, getting expert advice from an independent agent, like Warrior Insurance and Services Group LLC, saves you time, money and eliminates paying for the wrong coverage. Unlike “captive agents,” from Allstate, State Farm or other well known companies, independent agents, like Warrior Insurance, can provide more objective advice. Since they have numerous choices of companies, you may get the appropriate coverage you need and quality service you expect at more attractive prices.

Just as you want to protect yourself and your family with excellent personal auto insurance, you need exceptional business insurance to protect your company. Commercial auto insurance is a perfect example. Covering vehicles used in business with personal auto insurance can leave you and your company exposed to big monetary losses. Avoid this risk by getting useful advice from a professional, experienced independent agent.

Consider Warrior Insurance to offer the accurate advice and coverage you need. Why not visit their website or call them right now? You can even request a no obligation, free quote to compare coverage and premiums.

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