Protecting Teenage Drivers

Having a teenaged driver in the family is a mixed blessing. On one hand, parents are usually pretty happy to have another driver in the family. On the other, it adds to the family budget and adds a new level of concern for parents.

The Insurance Information Institute says that teenagers are 4 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than drivers who have reached their thirties. About 6,000 young people are killed every year in fatal crashes that involved teenage drivers. What’s more troubling is that almost 30% of those involve alcohol.

Driver’s education doesn’t seem to be addressing the issue, so some places are looking for other answers. There are discussions about raising the drinking age, lowering the blood alcohol content, and potentially going to some sort of a graduated license program. A graduated driver’s license program would initially restrict a new driver’s privileges. They would earn a full time license as they gain experience, and of course, drive within the laws.

At Warrior Insurance and Services Group, we support any programs that can help keep our young people safer of the roads.

If you have a teenage driver and would like to save on your auto insurance, contact us at Warrior Insurance and Services Group. Warrior Insurance and Services Group is an independent insurance agency serving the Colorado Springs, Colorado area.

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