The Real Cost of Driving a New Car

Those presently in the market for a vehicle should be aware that the gas mileage that is reported on the stickers at a car lot may not be entirely accurate. The EPA rates vehicles based on certain factors that may or may not apply to all consumers, which means that consumers may need to do a little legwork to find out the true associated costs of their new car. Websites are available that can calculate out the actual cost of a vehicle based on certain unique factors that the consumer enters in.

In addition to this, studies have shown that a Prius might not necessarily save a consumer money. Hybrid vehicles have a larger upfront cost which may not entirely be balanced out by the gas savings. Even if it is balanced out, it merely means that owners of the vehicle might break even on their vehicle purchase.

Gas mileage isn’t the only thing that may affect the cost of driving a new car. Different cars merit different automobile insurance premiums as well. For information about how a new car will affect your automobile insurance contact the experts at the Warrior Insurance and Services Group.

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