Will standard auto insurance cover my RV?

It is important to note that many standard auto insurance policies do not cover an RV. However, some policies do cover RVs but with stripped down coverage that does not necessarily cover all that you need. To fully enjoy yourself and the freedom an RV gives you to hit the open road, you have to make sure to get a policy specifically for the RV. This will ensure you have coverage for you and anyone else joining you on that adventure.

Typical auto insurance policies may have add-ons that include RVs but a lot of the coverage that extends to regular automobiles often does not extend to the RV. The reason is that RVs, while generally safe, are sometimes difficult to insure since they contain many possible dangerous appliances and such. Because of this, insurance companies can increase the regular insurance policy premium or add exclusions to the policy to cover themselves.

This is precisely why it is vital to find the right insurance company that offers not only RV insurance, but a policy with plenty of coverage. As a result, you can pay low premiums and still be absolutely covered.

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