Consider Insuring Your Fine Art

When you keep expensive pieces of art in your home, it is a good idea to protect those items with the appropriate insurance coverage. Homeowners insurance may provide some simple protections for your personal property, but it may not provide enough if your pricy paintings, statues or other works of art are damaged or stolen.

Make an Inventory of Artwork

Before you get coverage for your pricy paintings, sculptures or other artistic items, make an inventory. Take pictures of each item you want to insure and get appraisals for the value. The pictures and appraisals provide proof of the current value of the items. Keep the pictures, appraisals and other documents in a safe place away from your home, such as in a bank’s safe deposit box.

Obtain Coverage

You have two options available to protect your works of art: add them to your homeowners policy or get a separate insurance. Adding it to your homeowners policy may be enough if you have a limited collection, but you should consider separate coverage if you have several pricy items.

Getting the proper coverage for your personal belongings requires more than the basic homeowners policy. To learn more about keeping your pricy artwork safe in Monument, contact Warrior Insurance.

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