Fire Safety Tips: Preparing As A Family

During Fire Prevention Week firemen and insurance agents attempt to make homeowners aware of the damage that can be caused by fires. In October, brochures are containing fire safety tips are handed out in schools and various agencies to encourage everyone to recognize the need to reduce the risk of fire.

Teaching fire safety tips to your family will ensure they have the right tools to protect themselves in case a fire breaks out. As a family, create and practice using an evacuation plan. Teach every child how to dial 9-1-1 and make sure they know their address and the name of every family member.

Never leave burning stoves, space heaters, or lit candles unattended. Check electrical cords for signs of fraying or wear, and repair or replace any to prevent an electrical fire.  While you’re at it check all smoke detectors and replace their batteries.

Warrior Insurance and Services Group serve both Colorado and Texas. Residents in those two states who have questions about fires safely and what they can do to reduce their risk should call the staff at Warrior. In some cases, having an approved fire safety plan can save you money on your homeowners insurance.


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