Important Home Maintenance for Fall

Fall is a good time to inspect your home and do necessary maintenance to prepare for cooler weather. The following offers some maintenance tips to put your house in order for the season.

  • Clear gutters of fallen leaves and twigs and unblock drainage areas so water can flow freely when it rains or snows
  • Replace old, worn wood around windows and doors and add weather-stripping to keep out the cold.
  • Check your roof for cracked shingles or wear and tear. Repair any damage in preparation for winter snows. 
  • Depending on your budget and need, autumn is an opportune time to repaint the outside of your home.
  • Clean out your fireplace and chimney and do any needed repairs
  • Clean or replace the filters on your heating system or furnace. If necessary, hire a HVAC professional to service your furnace or gas heater.
  • Insulate water pipes by wrapping with heating tape to keep them safe from freezing.
  • Check the insulation on your home to ensure you are well prepared for cold weather. 

Keeping your home well maintained and in good condition can help reduce your homeowners insurance costs. For more information on home maintenance or homeowners insurance in the Colorado or Texas region, contact Warrior Insurance.   

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