College Students: Package your Renter’s/Auto Insurance & Save!

When a student goes off to college they may believe that they don’t need insurance on their belongings. After all, the landlord is certain to have insurance, right? The challenge is the landlord will likely only have insurance to cover his structure and his interests. A student will not have his personal belongings covered by the landlord’s insurance, including their very expensive electronics like tablets, smartphones and laptops. This will be up to the student.

There is renter’s insurance available to cover this property. Renter’s insurance is relatively inexpensive and it can be combined with the student’s auto insurance in a bundle to save even more. When renter’s insurance and auto insurance is purchased in one package, the savings can be dramatic. For anyone who has a student in college they understand they must save money where they can. If you are interested in learning more about this auto/renters insurance discount for college students, contact Warrior Insurance. We serve residents of Colorado and Texas and our family would love to assist your family. Contact us today at Warrior Insurance and Services Group, LLC. College is expensive enough without paying too much for insurance.

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