Debunking Life Insurance Myths

You have probably been advised that you need life insurance since the day you accepted your first full time job. In spite of the fact that we all know what life insurance is, there are a surprising number of life insurance myths floating out there. Right now is the time to set a few of those straight.

I Only Need It If I Have Dependents

Few things could be further from the truth. Unless you have enough money put away and earmarked for funeral expenses and settling any outstanding debts, someone who cares about you is going to have to come up with these funds.

The Coverage Provided By My Employer is Enough

This may be the case. However, if that coverage does not take care of your final expenses and provide support for the people who depend upon you, it’s probably time to look at an additional policy.

My Coverage Should Be Two Times My Annual Salary

If you have little to no debt and no dependents to care for, this may be true. However, if you are swimming in debt — like student loans or a mortgage — you may find that it’s going to take more money to cover your outstanding expenses. The great thing about there being so many questions surrounding life insurance is that there are experts available to answer them. Warrior Insurance is accustomed to working with its clients to find out precisely what is needed when the time comes.

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