Meet Warrior Insurance’s Josh Lunn

Warrior Insurance is unlike any insurance company, set apart from most by their ethics and mission steeped in Christian values. Josh Lunn and his fellow insurance agents strive to serve their clients rather than having their clients serve them. They truly cater to their clients individual and specific needs with understanding and compassion, opting for excellence every single time.

Josh Lunn is a graduate of Texas A&M University. After obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree he worked in the software industry for over a decade. His background is in customer service. This ensures that he has a practiced sense of his customer’s needs and their satisfaction in mind. Being a man with three children and a wife, Josh Lunn knows how to cater to the individual. He leads by example, living his life to its full potential in order to give his customers a chance at the same.

No insurance company will treat their customers better than that which is run on Christian values and a valiant work ethicLearn more about Warrior insurance here.