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Causes of Homeowner’s Insurance Losses

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Your homeowner’s insurance policy covers a lot with its benefits. It will pay out for many things related to the home for a wide variety of perils. Here are some things that your homeowner’s policy will cover in the event that you have a question about coverage.

Perils Your Homeowner’s Policy May Cover

  1. Thunderstorms present several ways that your home can be damaged. Excessive rainfall, hail, lightening strikes and high winds are just a few ways you can suffer an insurance loss.
  2. Earthquakes are another way your home can be damaged. An earthquake can happen just about any place. Make sure your policy covers for this peril.
  3. Vandalism is a big problem for many homeowners. All it takes is a person walking by your home to take 30 seconds to damage your property.
  4. Every few seconds in the United States a person falls victim to theft. Your home policy might just be the thing to cover any losses that you may suffer.

For more information about your home policy in the Colorado Springs area, please contact Warrior Insurance and Services Group. They can help determine if your insurance policy is ready to handle the many sources of losses that you can experience. They can also help get your policy ready to meet your needs and they can answer all your questions.