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Updating insurance before and after marriage

Monday, April 28th, 2014

He finally popped the question and the two of you are official engaged. Congratulations! There is going to be plenty of things to do and remember leading up to the big day, including making sure you have all of the necessary insurance coverage. When it comes to marriage and insurance, couples need to have coverage for the big day and update all necessary insurance policies.

In preparation of the big day it is important to have enough coverage for any unforeseen accidents. Check with the venue, or if getting married at home, your homeowners insurance for adequate liability coverage.

After the wedding it is important to update and combine all insurance policies. Add your new spouse to your auto insurance policy. Some couples see a reduced rate when they change their policy to include their spouse and add a second vehicle.

Other insurance updates should include:

  • Homeowners/renters: Update valuables coverage on these policies to include your spouse’s possessions
  • Umbrella insurance: Add an extra layer of protection to all of your insurance policies
  • Life insurance: Add your spouse as a beneficiary and/or purchase his or her own life insurance policy

Updating all of your insurance policies after marriage will not only ensure everything and everyone is covered, it may also help you save money by combining policies.

For more information about your insurance needs and what to expect after marriage contact the Warrior Insurance and Services Group in Monument, Colorado.

Flick the Switch on Electrical Hazards: Reduce the Risk of Fire in Your Home

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Every year, electrical problems cause an estimated 50,000 home fires, leading to more than 500 deaths and more than a billion dollars in damage. Follow these tips to increase the electrical safety of your home and family:

1) If you see, or even suspect, that your home’s electrical outlets or internal wiring is old or worn, have a qualified electrician inspect and repair it.

2) Consider Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI). These devices protect wiring against electrical flares, or arcs, that regular circuit breakers cannot detect. An electrician can tell you if your home could benefit from AFCI installation.

3) Check electrical cords and extension cords for signs of wear and damage on a regular basis. Avoid using cords with exposed wiring.

4) Many lamps and light fixtures come with a recommended light bulb wattage. Check the owner’s manual if available and use bulbs with the recommended, or lower, wattage.

5) If you notice flickering lights in your home but not in your neighbors, hear sounds from your outlets, or have circuit breakers that trip frequently, contact an electrician.

Warrior Insurance and Services Group LLC can help you protect your family with the right homeowners insurance. Contact us to learn more or get a quote.

Important Home Maintenance for Fall

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Fall is a good time to inspect your home and do necessary maintenance to prepare for cooler weather. The following offers some maintenance tips to put your house in order for the season.

  • Clear gutters of fallen leaves and twigs and unblock drainage areas so water can flow freely when it rains or snows
  • Replace old, worn wood around windows and doors and add weather-stripping to keep out the cold.
  • Check your roof for cracked shingles or wear and tear. Repair any damage in preparation for winter snows. 
  • Depending on your budget and need, autumn is an opportune time to repaint the outside of your home.
  • Clean out your fireplace and chimney and do any needed repairs
  • Clean or replace the filters on your heating system or furnace. If necessary, hire a HVAC professional to service your furnace or gas heater.
  • Insulate water pipes by wrapping with heating tape to keep them safe from freezing.
  • Check the insulation on your home to ensure you are well prepared for cold weather. 

Keeping your home well maintained and in good condition can help reduce your homeowners insurance costs. For more information on home maintenance or homeowners insurance in the Colorado or Texas region, contact Warrior Insurance.   

Fire Safety Tips: Preparing As A Family

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

During Fire Prevention Week firemen and insurance agents attempt to make homeowners aware of the damage that can be caused by fires. In October, brochures are containing fire safety tips are handed out in schools and various agencies to encourage everyone to recognize the need to reduce the risk of fire.

Teaching fire safety tips to your family will ensure they have the right tools to protect themselves in case a fire breaks out. As a family, create and practice using an evacuation plan. Teach every child how to dial 9-1-1 and make sure they know their address and the name of every family member.

Never leave burning stoves, space heaters, or lit candles unattended. Check electrical cords for signs of fraying or wear, and repair or replace any to prevent an electrical fire.  While you’re at it check all smoke detectors and replace their batteries.

Warrior Insurance and Services Group serve both Colorado and Texas. Residents in those two states who have questions about fires safely and what they can do to reduce their risk should call the staff at Warrior. In some cases, having an approved fire safety plan can save you money on your homeowners insurance.


Additional Coverages to Consider on Top of Homeowners Insurance

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Having a sufficient level of homeowners insurance is a positive financial step towards protecting yourself and your family. However, your homeowner’s policy by itself may not cover everything you need. There are additional coverages that you may want to consider.

Flood and Earthquake Insurance

Protection from flood or earthquake damage is not included in regular homeowners insurance. If you reside in an area with a high potential for these events, you should seriously consider adding this protection. Warrior Insurance can help you determine your need.

Additional Liability Insurance

Homeowners with dogs, swimming pools or trampolines face additional liabilities. When you first receive a homeowners insurance policy, you are normally asked questions about these subjects. You may not have had a dog or pool when you first obtained your policy. Check your insurance and make sure it is up-to-date. An umbrella policy can also offer you the additional protection you require.

Business Insurance

If you run a business out of your home, you may need to add a professional liability policy. There are other types of liability insurance for businesses that could protect you from business claims that might be filed against you and your home.

Warrior Insurance will be happy to explain the additional coverages you may need in Colorado or Texas. Contact Warrior Insurance and get a quote!

Consider Insuring Your Fine Art

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

When you keep expensive pieces of art in your home, it is a good idea to protect those items with the appropriate insurance coverage. Homeowners insurance may provide some simple protections for your personal property, but it may not provide enough if your pricy paintings, statues or other works of art are damaged or stolen.

Make an Inventory of Artwork

Before you get coverage for your pricy paintings, sculptures or other artistic items, make an inventory. Take pictures of each item you want to insure and get appraisals for the value. The pictures and appraisals provide proof of the current value of the items. Keep the pictures, appraisals and other documents in a safe place away from your home, such as in a bank’s safe deposit box.

Obtain Coverage

You have two options available to protect your works of art: add them to your homeowners policy or get a separate insurance. Adding it to your homeowners policy may be enough if you have a limited collection, but you should consider separate coverage if you have several pricy items.

Getting the proper coverage for your personal belongings requires more than the basic homeowners policy. To learn more about keeping your pricy artwork safe in Monument, contact Warrior Insurance.

Renters Insurance: Yes, You Do Need It

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Take a look around your apartment at all of that great stuff you have decorated with and accumulated since you moved in. Now, think about what you would do if something happened in the building and you lost that killer CD collection you have spent years building. Would you have the money to replace it? Contrary to popular belief, your landlord’s insurance will not help you. The insurance your landlord carries only protects the structure, and it protects your landlord from liability claims. It is up to you to protect your investments with renters insurance.

For a few hundred dollars a year, you can get a renters insurance policy, maybe even from the same agent that you have your car insurance with. The policy not only protects your belongings, but it may help to pay for a place to stay in an emergency, or to help cover a liability claim if someone is hurt in your apartment. Like homeowner’s insurance, you will also have a deductible to meet before you will receive coverage under this type of policy.

If you are not sure how to value your belongings, or you want more information about buying renters insurance in Warrior Insurance can help you!

Your Home Might Cover Identity Theft..

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Wen you’re a victim of identity theft, you feel violated, alone and like there’s nobody you can turn to. Did you ever think of turning to your home insurance? It turns out that identity theft protection is sometimes included in your homeowners insurance and even when it’s not, it can be added for a nominal fee.

According to data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 8.6 million households in the U.S. (seven percent of total U.S. households) experienced some sort of identity theft in 2010. These numbers are trending upward. Fraudulent use of your identity leads to big trouble for you, as you will have to prove that you are not responsible for debts, loans or crimes that are now appearing in your name. Your financial life will basically be on hold while the investigation takes place, making it difficult to get any type of new credit until it is resolved.

There are costs associated with identity theft, too, from legal fees to document replacement to work time lost to clear your name. This is where your home insurance can help. With an identity theft endorsement on your policy, you will be covered for expenses that occur as a direct result of identity theft, often up to $15,000. If you are in Colorado or Texas and you want to make sure that identity theft protection is part of your home insurance package, call Warrior Insurance and Services Group LLC today for a quote!

What Homeowners Insurance Does and Does Not Cover

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Protecting your valuables against loss or damage is a smart investment to make. Policies for coverage against loss or damage are almost necessary, otherwise you may not be able to replace the things that you have lost.

Homeowners insurance offers policies that will give you coverage to protect important items, such as jewelry, antiques, furniture, sports equipment, clothing and more. Homeowners insurance does not generally cover things such as damages caused by a flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake or other acts, but separate insurance may be available for purchase for those instances. Homeowners insurance also does not cover damages suffered from the general decline of your property or home.

At Warrior Insurance we care about helping you protect the things that you have worked hard for. Don’t wait. Protect yourself and your valuables today and get the reassurance that you need.

Call Warrior Insurance today for a free quote on policies that will give you the coverage that you are looking for. We are here to serve you.