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Make The Right Choice For Individual Health Insurance

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Health insurance is important but the buying process can be a bit stressful. When choosing individual health insurance there are many factors to consider. These five tips can help you find the best type of health insurance for your needs.

  • Know how healthy you are. If you visit the hospital often and have a series of prescriptions you may want to invest in a higher premium plan. If you feel as if you are generally a healthy individual you can opt for a more affordable plan.
  • Think about the type of doctors you and your family prefer. HMO comes with a basic plan, PPO provide doctors outside of the network, and a POS is a mixture of the two.
  • See if the price is right for you. The monthly premium and annual deductible are both huge deciding factors of price. It also may help to see if prescriptions are covered with your plan.

Warrior Insurance in Monument Colorado will take the extra time to assess your need and find the right insurance for you. Contact us today for any of your insurance needs.